About us

Our mission

Being an open and highly flexible unity, we believe that our mission is to make available state of the art Aviation management & Passenger Processing technology and Professional Services to wider Aviation Community in both Developing and Developed countries.

We are highly exited by the new capabilities of the modern era, which allows us to address Customers’ issues and challenges differently in a very agile and highly efficient way, not relying on costly legacy solution and practices still forced on Airports/Airlines worldwide by Industry monopolies.

We are combining our Technology and Business/IT Consultancy capabilities to really make a difference to our Customers and bring them to the next level they are only dreaming of. We are delivering substantial cost savings to our customers helping to save budgets and operate more efficiently.

We are prepared to face local legislation requirements (in-Country Data-processing, Personal Data protection, local hosting) and to deliver better services to our customers cooperate and collaborate with local partners.

Alliance principles

AERO IT Alliance philosophy has its roots in Agile Software Development Principles (Manifesto) and is based on four pillars:

  • Availability and Proximity. You can reach Alliance Founding Partners by video/phone call or email and get a prompt answer
  • Flexibility and Openness. We are truly excited by solving ambitious customer tasks in time and resource limited environment and cooperating to make it done.

  • Sense of cost and reason. Suggested tools should match the task, just as a hammer you use should match the size of your nail. And cost matters.

  • Trust and Personal Responsibility. Alliance just doesn’t have multiple management layers, and our commitment to our customers comes straight from Owners/Alliance Founding Members.

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Alliance HQ
Switzerland, Zurich, CH-8049
Eastern European Office
Russia, Moscow
Skolkovo Innovations Center
Bolshoi Blv..42, Bld .1
Phone:  +99 237 2262424
Central Asia Office
Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 734024
Dustii Halqho str. 23