Airports and Ground Handlers

Airport Operational DataBase (AODB)

Air IT AODB is a platform for forming and managing the airport's central database on flight schedules, flight information for the airport's operation systems, airport operations management and ground handling staff and partners.

Key advantages and possibilities:

  • Efficiency. Reducing expenses through operative decision-making process in emergency situations and predicting flight delays
  • Extensibility. Built-in integration mechanism with airline systems (open API)
  • Flexibility. Provides up to 10 000 flights management and up to 2000 simultaneous user sessions without decreasing productivity
  • Quick response. Current operation calculation and forecast for any schedule date in real time. Guarantee notification system for operators about key events

Air IT Resource Management System (RMS)

Air IT RMS was built for managing airport handling resources in real time, simulation and model building in case of their multiple increase. The system combines management of human, ground handling vehicles and static resources.  

Key advantages and possibilities:

  • Forecasting&Simulation. Opportunity to predict resource requirements at any date
  • Flexibility. Extension of resource foundation in consideration of new rules and restrictions
  • Expertise. System offer suggestions on how to manage all resources according to their workload
  • Communication. Effective interaction between staff members



Air IT Messaging HUB

Automatic Creation of Aviation Messages triggered by specific events

Operator triggered Template Based Outgoing Message Delivery

Automatic Translation of created message text into predefined format

Address Book and Template Management to deliver required information to specific audience in proper format

Message Reception and Delivery using SITATEX, AFTN, GMS-Mail, e-mail and other media


Air IT Slot Coordination (Strategic and Seasonable Planning Tool)

Solution Highlights

  • The only System on the market able to fully match advanced Slot Coordination requirements with adjustable National Legislation focus

  • Full IATA Recommendation Compliance

  • Extensive Modeling and What-If Scenario Capabilities, Advanced Decision Making Support and Waiting List Capability

  • Complex Integration with multiple Airport IT Systems

  • Full set of build-in reports and analytics

Unique Advantages

  • Architecture, Flexibility and Performance suited for very large and complex deployments

  • Compatibility and Integration with any Customer existing Airport IT Systems Infrastructure

  • Built in partnership with Domodedovo International Airport to match extremely complex Airport Planning needs

  • Leading Airports and Airlines Best Practices available as soon as AERO Slot Coordination is up and running

  • New Generation product with State of the Art Machine Learning and AI capabilities

  • “Try before Buy” Pilot Trial/Proof of Concept testing capability to persuade Customers and minimize potential risks


Air IT Fee Management and Billing

Air IT Fee Management and Billing is helping to enhance Air IT Platform built-in Artificial Intelligence Capabilities by taking into consideration Financial parameters. In Resource

Management Allocation Decisions the following criteria can be taken into consideration: volume of business with Airport, SLA requirements, actual payments (overdue debt) and so on. Financial Information is available in Air IT Slot Coordination and Air IT Management Dashboard Modules.


Air IT BI and Management Dashboard

Air IT Business Intelligence and Management Dashboard Modules are designed to provide best available tools for Real-Time Airport Monitoring and Post Operational Analysis to facilitate better Planning and Operations Management.

Air IT Management Dashboard is available as in both HTML5 and Native Mobile Client versions.


Air IT A-CDM Tools

Air IT Alliance A-CDM Tools are designed to bring substantial efficiency improvement to both Airport itself and key airlines. The specific focus in our solution is made on non-EUROCONTROL implementations (although EUROCONTROL A-CDM is fully supported).

Our competitive advantage is a unique combination of Airport, Airline and ATC solutions focusing National (Country-wide) implementations to achieve substantial cost savings for all aviation stakeholders and help to facilitate tremendous passenger growth especially in Developing countries (according to IATA forecast traffic is about to double before 2035).

a-cdm1AERO A-CDM Tools

Air IT Airport Operational Control Center

AOCC Components:

  • Single Unified Platform, providing Real-Time Airport Situation Awareness for all Airport’s Stakeholders. Integrated with Key Airlines Systems in Airlines Operation Centers.
  • A-CDM Tools to enable better Airport Efficiency and providing Advantages for Airline partners
  • Total Airport Management Concept in the heart of Platform Design
  • SLA Monitoring and Tracking for all key processes starting from Passenger Processing, Baggage Management and Tracking and all Ground Handling activities. In case of irregularities – automatic event generation requiring responsible Stakeholder input to be used in further investigation and analysis
  • Visualization of Airport Status via Airport Map and Customizable Dashboards
  • Artificial Intelligence in Resource Assignment and Predictive Modelling to facilitate Better Informed Decisions

AOCC Airport’s Benefits

Possibility to manage growing number of Aircraft Movements and Passengers by less number of Dispatchers

Data collection and analysis about all aspects of Airport processes and events

Strict SLA monitoring and control for all key processes including exceptions analysis

The most advanced AOCC platform developed to match leading Eastern European Airports’ Requirements.

Opportunity to Innovate Together and directly influence Product Roadmap

Air IT Passenger Access Control

Airport’s Benefits from Passenger Access Control Implementation:

  • Increased Airport’s Security and exact information about Passengers’ Flows

  • Electronic Boarding Pass Fully Compliant : opportunity to eliminate Boarding Pass Reprints completely. Adaptability to other countries Legislation Requirements

  • Passengers’ Assistance in Multi Terminal Navigation, identifying and finding Boarding Gate location

  • Passenger Access Control to specific Airport zones based on multiple criteria. Extra check at Boarding Gates

Precise information with real-time updates about each Passenger’s Airport Journey to minimize Flight


AERO Common Use Platform (UDPS)

Airport Benefits from AERO CU Platform Implementation:

  • Light-Weight High Availability Cloud Based Platform

  • Easy addition of new DCS systems/Airlines

  • Airport’s Full Administration Control over Workstations

  • Immediate Airport’s Cost Savings on local servers and expensive Direct Airline DCS Connectivity

  • Common Use Platform hosted in your Country matching all Personal Data Processing and Storage requirements

  • Substantial Cost Saving compared to traditional Common Use Platform vendors

  • Support for existing Airport’s Workstations and Peripheral Equipment

  • Open and User Friendly new components addition Policy

  • Open Standards like CUWS (Common Use Web Services) to minimize both Airport’s and Airlines’ investments (CUWS Affordable Check-In kiosks, CUWS SBD)

  • Fast Start for Airlines: no need to develop and certify own CUSS/CUPPS Applications. Everything is done by Airport’s Application

  • 7х24 English Languages Support. More languages to be added on demand

  • No chances for Platform Shutdown in case of any political crisis situations. 100% Sanctions Immunity


Self Service: Self Bag Drop, Common Use Check-In and Reprint

AERO IT Alliance is the leading provider of Self Service Infrastructure in Eastern Europe. Our competitive advantage is “all in one” approach to Self Service and elimination of mandatory CUSS/CUPPS Platform usage in favor of direct interaction with airline DCSs via CUWS standard.

Our solutions are offering substantial flexibility and cost saving to our customers. There is no need for airlines to invest in creation of CUSS Self Bag-Drop Application (Airport Self Bag Drop/Check-In Application is doing it all), and even design customization is possible.


AERO Baggage Platform

AERO Baggage Platform is optimized for airports with and without automatic Baggage Handling Systems and is focusing on integration of all Baggage Infrastructure available in the airport including intelligent Security scanners.

AERO Baggage Platform is offering substantial long-term economy for airports by eliminating the need of pricey Baggage Messaging Subscription by utilizing advanced Air Messaging Server capabilities including Baggage XML Exchange.

Among our potential customers, we see:

  • Airport looking for Baggage Processes Improvements and Automation

  • Airports aiming to provide IATA Resolution №753 compliance for partner airlines

  • Airports looking to end-to-end RFID implementation from Self Bag Drop/Check In counters till on-board loading tracking and beyond.

As an extension of standard BRS functionality, the following extra modules are being offered:

• MBLS “my bag location system” baggage tracker system

• LOST & FOUND – alternative to WORLD TRACER, available only to admin users of MBLS.

• SAC – Sorting Allocation Computer, unification of BRS components with Intelligent Security Scanners

The combination of the above AERO Baggage Platform Modules helps airports and airlines to deliver better Passenger Experience and enhance Baggage Handling processes to their maximum potential with very reasonable investments.


AERO DCS (RAM DCS) is a local backup DCS Solution, providing Airports with a reliable tool to continue regular Passenger and Baggage Processing when Connectivity or Airline DCS availability issues are present. As shown on a picture above. AERO (RAM) DCS is exchanging Passenger Information in Real-Time with Airlines’ DCS and is ready to step in in case of irregularities to avoid Flight Delays and Airport’s Financial Losses.


AERO Weight and Balance System

AERO Weight and Balance is one of the most advanced Weight & Balance System available on the market.

This solution has been developed according to Domodedovo International Airport requirements, fully accepted into Operations with practical W&B usage for multiple aircraft types up to Airbus A-380. Fully integrated with AERO DCS.


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