Governments and State Authorities

AERO IT Alliance is excited to cooperate on Government and State Civil Aviation Authority level to help countries to prepare their Aviation Infrastructure for significant traffic growth, bring Passenger Experience to the new modern level and minimize National Civil Aviation Dependency on externally hosted and managed solutions:

  • Jointly define requirements to upgrade National Airports to handle more traffic and provide better modern Passenger Experience with very reasonable investments

  • Provide help with requirements definition for Airport Private-Government Cooperation or Privatization, increase Airports’ Non-Aeronautical Revenues by establishing Airport Commercialization Programs

  • Establish world best practices for Airports/Airlines resource planning (aircrafts, crew members, airport staff)

  • Implement National Aviation Control Center for Airports/Airlines to enable real time situation awareness and Crisis Management

  • Increase Aviation Security by introducing Electronic Boarding Pass support and future End-to-End Biometric support based IATA OneID Initiative on National level

  • Implement APIS (Advanced Passenger Information System) Data collection, Intelligent Processing and Analysis/Risk Assessment for Government Purposes for better Immigration and Customs Control

  • Fight Baggage Mishandling and dramatically reduce Baggage Fraud by introducing leading Baggage Management and Tracking Solutions including Baggage Claim Check

  • Create Joint Ventures for Airport Management, Operations and Commercialization on National level to achieve better Commercial and Operations results

AERO IT Alliance unique approach is based on open innovative cooperation, in-country solutions hosting and knowledge transfer to achieve recognizable benefits for National Aviation and minimize risks of National Security threats caused by external providers/countries.

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