Professional Services

AERO IT Alliance unique approach is based on a mix of Business Consultancy, Industry and Technology expertise and is focused on Service Delivery fitting customer needs and budget.

Among Professional Services designed for airports/airlines the following can me mentioned:

  • Airport/Airline IT Master Plan (Strategy)

  • Airline/Airport Operations Maturity Assessment. Including Planning, Real-Time Operations and Post Operations Analysis

  • Passenger Processing Assessment. Optimizing Passenger Experience, Self-Service Application and Cost Optimization

  • Baggage Management and Tracking Assessment. IATA Resolution №753 Readiness, RFID enabled bag tag implementation planning

  • Commercial Activities and Aeronautical/Non Aeronautical Revenues Assessment. Airport Commercialization Consultancy to identify extra revenue generation opportunities

Another side of Alliance Professional Services Portfolio is related to Business Functions Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing and Software as a Service provisioning. Not in all regions it’s possible to find qualified experienced staff able to perform specific functions like W&B operations for Aircrafts. Or it can be unreasonable to pay full salary for just few flights a day.

AERO IT Alliance is offering:

  • SaaS based complete Airport IT Systems provisioning

  • Specific business functions outsourcing (Seasonable Schedule management, Billing based on actual services delivered, W&B Operations and others) with full responsibility

  • IT Outsourcing. Airport can concentrate on maintaining SLA with AERO IT Alliance service subsidiary. Other functions will be performed by our service experts in a professional and cost effective manner

  • Joint Commercial Operations. There are multiple way how non-Aeronautical revenues can be obtained jointly with Airport, and this is not limited to IT only

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